Dr Hagiwara's story

SDr Yoshihide HagiwaraManafacturing and ProcessingDr. Yoshihide Hagiwara began his career as a research pharmacologist and was responsible for the development of several successful drug formulas.

However, due to personal illness Dr Hagiwara began a worldwide search for natural supplements that could aid his recovery. Eventually, after many years of research and the study of more than 200 plants he concluded that young Green Barley leaves were “one of the most nutritionally balanced foods in nature” and “the ideal fast food for the human race.”

Dr. Hagiwara went on to form his own Green Food company and developed the patented manufacturing and processing method that are still used today to produce Green Magma. These methods involve little heat and guarantee the high quality, strength and live enzyme activity of Green Magma organic green barley juice extract.

A brief history of Dr. Hagiwara's career...

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