Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What makes GM different from other barley grass products?

Green Magma is a natural concentrated whole food and its nutrients are in their natural, biologically active states. Many supplements, including multi-vitamin and mineral pills - contain synthetic ingredients. Most grass powders are processed by dehydrating the whole leaf without separating the pulp from the juice. The result is a product that contains a high concentration of insoluble fibre compared to soluble juice nutrients. The nutrients remaining in the powder may be trapped inside the insoluble fibre which the human body cannot breakdown because we lack the enzyme cellulase. Therefore, the amount of nutrition that is absorbed and utilized by consuming whole leaf fibre powders is less compared to the nutrients that we absorb from consuming Green Magma.

Q. Is Green Magma Organic?

Yes - Green Magma is fully certified organic.

Q. Is Green Magma GMO free?

Yes Green Magma is entirely GMO free. Both the maltodextrin used in the product and the barley grass itself are 100% GMO free.

Q. Where is the Green Barley used in Green Magma grown?

The Green Barley grass used in Green Magma is grown in Japan – in some of the worlds most fertile volcanic soil.

Q. How does Green Barley compare with Wheatgrass?

While both barley grass and wheat grass are nutritious, Dr. Hagiwara, founder of Green Foods, demonstrated in his research that barley grass contains all the essential nutrients required by our bodies. Research has found that barley grass is a more potent source than wheat grass of the “grass juice factor” necessary for growth and development in mammals.

Q. Is Green Magma suitable for use during pregnancy?

Yes, Green Magma provides a good balance of essential nutrients. It is a safe, natural, and nutritious supplement for use during pregnancy. However – we would not recommend high doses at this time – as Green Magma has a detoxifying action when it is used in high doses, which can cause tiredness.

Q. Is Green Magma suitable for children?

Yes. We suggest giving children under 12 years ½ teaspoon in their favourite juice. For children 12 years or older, a regular serving size is recommended.

Q. Are there any interactions with Green Magma?

Green Magma is safe to take with any other supplements - since it is a whole food extract.

Q. For how long can I safely take Green Magma?

Green Magma is safe to take in the long term. In fact in Japan where green foods are a significant part of the daily diet, the life expectancy is higher than anywhere else in the world!

Q. I have a gluten intolerance and have been told to avoid barley – so how can Green Magma be safe?

Because Green Magma is made from the leaves of Green Barley, not the glutinous head, individuals with a gluten intolerance should be able to tolerate it. However, we would still advise caution to coeliacs before using Green Magma and suggest they do a patch test first (by putting a little on their skin and leaving for 24hrs).

Q. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables – could I still benefit from supplementing with Green Barley Grass too?

In all likelihood yes – even the most balanced and healthy diet can often leave us deficient in one or more nutrients. The levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes found in much ‘fresh’ produce is often significantly lower than you might expect. In particular, Green barley is exceptionally high in enzymes – which are often found in very low levels in many fresh foods due to modern food production methods and ‘out of season’ growing.

Q. I am currently on a diet, should I still use Green Magma?

Yes, Green Magma has only 20 calories per serving along with an abundance of nutrients. If you are on a diet or slimming program you will benefit from taking Green Magma. It provides vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and proteins, no fat and practically no calories.

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