Gentle detoxification

Man with Children

Green Magma is rich in Chlorophyll and Enzymes, and in many other antioxidant nutrients that can help your body to detoxify from toxic chemicals and heavy metals. 

Green Magma may be used as a daily supplement to help you to gently detoxify on a daily basis - but can also be used in higher doses by individuals who are undertaking an intensive 'detox' program. For this purpose, we recommend up to 2-10 teaspoons a day or 6 tablets 2 - 5 x daily.

Individuals who suspect they may have a high level of toxins in their body should start with low doses and build up very gradually to minimise a too strong detoxification effect.

Please contact us if you require any further advice or have any questions about using Green Magma to aid detoxification.

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