How To Use Green Magma

Green Magma Powder 

  • Green magma powderGreen Magma is best taken prior to meals in doses of between 3-6g (1-2 teaspoons) per day

  • Green Magma powder can be mixed with either cold water or fruit juice (ideally apple juice or another non-citrus fruit juice)

  • Do not mix Green Magma with hot drinks as heat may destroy the enzymes and other nutrients found in it, and reduce its live activity

  • Green Magma is best taken in the morning or afternoon

Green Magma Tablets

  • The tablets may be taken with a glass of water, prior to meals, in doses of between 6-12 tablets per day

  • Green Magma is best taken in the morning or afternoon


There are no known contraindications or interactions with Green Magma - however coeliacs should be cautious upon first using any Green Barley supplement. Although Green Magma is made from the young leaves of Green Barley Grass - not the head which contains gluten - we would still recommend caution to coeliacs.

A note about using Green Magma as an aid to detoxification

Green Magma can be a useful aid to detoxification. However - some individuals may experience some tiredness upon first using it - and individuals who suspect they may have a high level of toxins in their body should start with low doses and build up very gradually to minimise any symptoms of detoxification. Please contact us if you require any further advice or have any questions about using Green Magma to aid detoxification.

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