Green Magma - A Unique Manufacturing Process

Many of the actives in Green Barley Grass are destroyed by heat or acidity which is why Green Magma is manufactured using patented processing methods that guarantee its potency and the integrity of the nutrients found in it.

In 1975 Dr Yoshihide Hagiwara the founder of Green Foods was awarded Japan's prestigious Science and Technology Award for the unique extraction and spray dry process used in the production of Green Magma.

Patented Manufacure Process

When the Young Green Barley leaves are ready for harvesting they are processed in the following way;

  • The Barley Grass is cut and immediately transported to the processing plant
  • The leaves are tumbled, then washed with a jet spray of recycled water
  • The leaves are cut and squeezed to extract the juice
  • Fibre is removed during juicing
  • Fibre returned is used as animal feed and / or fertilizer
  • The Juice is then put through an evaporator to concentrate it (by removing water)
  • Brown rice powder and maltodextrin are added
  • The Juice is spray dried
  • The spray dried powder is granulated, making Green Magma powder soluble

This entire process takes a total of 2-4 hours, and is carried out without the use of any chemical agents whatsoever - guaranteeing the 'fresh' taste, and perhaps more importantly - the extremely high nutritional value of Green Magma.

Totally Organic

The Barley Grass used in Green Magma is grown in some of the world's most fertile soil in Japan. It is grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers and is fully certified as Organic.

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